Buying shoes online? 6 tricks to get shoes that perfectly fit you

Imagine this - you saw a really nice pair of shoes online with a pretty decent price, so you added those pretty pairs into the cart and checked out.

You waited and waited for the day to get those pair of shoes on your feet in your hands only to find out that you cannot fit into them! 

Ever received a shoe that is too small for you?

We're sure some of you may have experienced this when buying any pair of shoes online. We know we had! :(

Buying shoes online can be really tricky because you might still end up buying the wrong size of shoes although you’ve referred to a store’s size chart. However, there are certain tricks that you can learn from us to improve your shoe shopping experience in the future.

Here are 6 tricks to buy shoes that perfectly fit you from online stores.


1. Always check the size chart

The most important thing to do when buying shoes is to get the store’s size chart. Now, now, we know what you’re thinking, ‘But… I already know my size!’

Well, an interesting fact about size charts is that one size does NOT fit all. This simply means that there is no universal, standard size chart that is used by all the stores globally.

Just look at the difference in both size charts!

No, we’re not talking about the size system (i.e. UK size, US size, etc.). What we’re trying to say is that each store may have a slight difference in its sizing. Besides, the designs also play a vital role in shoe sizing.

Now that you’ve gotten the store’s size chart…

2. Don't forget to measure the WIDTH of your feet

If you’re new to buying shoes online, it’s important to know how to measure your feet at home. First up, take a paper and pencil to trace the outline of your feet.

Once you have the outline of your feet, measure them from the tip of the longest toe to your heels like this...

Measure your feet from the tips of the longest toe to your heels

If you don’t feel like tracing the outline of your feet on a piece of paper, you can also opt to straightaway measure your feet the same way… although we don’t reckon this method as it may not be accurate. Then, compare that measurement to the size chart that was given by the shoe store. 

But here’s the ultimate trick to getting shoes that fit you - measuring the width of your feet. According to the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, many people are not wearing the right-sized shoes as many disregards this vital yet forgotten measurement.

Here’s an easy illustration of how to measure the width of your feet:

Measure the width of the feet like this.

If you happen to have wide feet (about 10 cm and above), do get shoes that are one size bigger than the ones you've previously measured for. For instance, if you measured the length of your feet and your size is 36, get a size 37 if you have wide feet.

Psst! We’ve also got an additional trick when measuring feet.

3. Buy shoes in the evening!

Buy shoes in the evening, ladies!

Believe it or not, the best time to buy shoes is in the evening! And that’s because, according to Harvard Medical School, your feet naturally expand sometime in the afternoon and evening. 

The best part about this trick is that you don’t only get to use it when buying online shoes but also when buying shoes in physical stores!

Now that you have the measurement of your feet, you can proceed to add the shoes to the cart and check out. However, if you couldn’t find this information, you can opt to…


4. Look for product photos with models

The model in this picture is size 38.

Searching for product photos with models won’t only help you visualise how the shoes will look like when it’s worn but also assist you in figuring out whether they will fit you.

How? Simple, you just have to find out what size the model is wearing. Nowadays, brands typically mention the size and height of the model, so you can roughly estimate whether the shoes can fit you.
However, if you couldn’t find this information, be sure to…


5. Read reviews!

Reviews help all of us in making a purchasing decision, don’t they? Want to avoid getting scammed? Read reviews! Want to know the real colour of the shoes? Read reviews. Want to know if the size will fit you?? Read reviews!!

Most of us would look for reviews like this before purchasing anything online.

And the ideal reviews are those that come with the height or size of the reviewers themselves! This will give you a clearer vision as to whether the shoes would fit you.

Now, on to the final trick.


6. Ask the customer service assistants!

What better way to get first-hand information than to get in touch with the store’s frontliners aka the customer service assistants! 

Alfio Raldo's customer service assistant are ready to assist you.

Before checking out, make sure to ask all vital questions like:

  • If the store allows size exchange once purchase is made;
  • The return and refund policies, in case you don’t feel comfortable wearing the shoes;
  • Further details of the shoes that may not be featured on the store like weight, close-up photos and cutting, among other things.


Buying shoes is now made easy thanks to these tricks!

Oftentimes, most of us shop online as a means to escape the hustle and bustle of life. This is why we strive to ensure that your online shopping experience is enjoyable. 

Having said that, buying shoes online can now be stress-free, thanks to these tips. Give it a try and, perhaps, you’ll finally be able to find your perfect fit.

Till next time, ladies!